Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen

Name: Manika Yarger Age: 45
Profession: U-Jam Fitness Coach / Instructor / Zumba Fitness Instructor / Choreographer
Family: Husband Doug / Daughters Faye, 13 and Julia, 10

• Workout Regimen: I teach dance fitness, U-Jam Fitness and Zumba six days a week. I usually hit the weight room after my classes and stretch.  I have three meals a day and two smoothies with a small snack.  I stay active with my family, practice with the kids on their extracurricular activities and go for walks.

• Favorite Exercise: Woodchopper.  At the gym or at home, I use a medicine ball and will try and fit in any amount of reps.  I have seen results from this exercise!

• Hobbies: Hanging out with my kids, learning to play golf and listening to music.

• Wellness Philosophy: Live a balanced lifestyle, be healthy, eat well, take care of yourself –  including your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Connect to your community and others.  Be consistent, take chances and find joy in what you do.

• Favorite Snack: Strawberry, pineapple and blueberry smoothie with whey protein.

• Guilty Pleasure: Original and Godiva cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory!

• To Diet or Not to Diet? No diet.  Diets are temporary.  Living a healthy lifestyle that combines good nutrition, exercise with a proactive mind, attitude and a feeling to live healthy will benefit you not only today but into the future.

• What Being a “Beautiful Woman” Means: Being a “beautiful woman” is knowing that God made “you” in his own image, unique from head to toe. A woman who loves and respects herself and others and is kind and caring – and that’s beautiful.

• Favorite Way to Recharge: Power naps!

• Must-Have Wardrobe Staple: A chic purse.

• Inspiration: My mom.  She’s giving, loving and supportive yet strong and brave. She’s beautiful inside and out.   

• Advice: You are a unique person, you have your own talents and are special in your own way.  Be kind, loving and respect others.