Love Your Lymphatics

Theresa Buede is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Texas School of Massage. She is the owner of ReConnect Chiropractic & Holistic Center and specializes in detoxification.

PRO Perspective | By Theresa Buede –

Just underneath the epidermis (top) layer of skin lies a vital network designed to collect and filter fluid from your blood to carry away waste from all tissues, organs and systems of the body.  This miraculous network is our lymphatic system, comprised of lymph nodes and lymph vessels much like an extensive freeway pattern connecting the entire system.  Within this system lymphocytes are produced which have anti-bodies to help ward off bacteria.

Foods rich in vitamin C, such as green and red peppers, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, oranges, strawberries, grapefruit and kiwi fruit support the increase in anti-bodies being naturally created in the body.  Consuming an adequate amount of zinc daily, 11 milligrams for men and eight for women, is another crucial step in proper lymphocyte production.  Foods abundant in zinc include oysters, chuck roast, pork loin, yogurt, cashews, dark meat chicken and chickpeas.  Sufficient B-6, found in bananas, salmon, potatoes, turkey, avocados or hazelnuts, contribute to lymph drainage.  Incorporating anti-inflammatory foods lowers free radical production, which lessens the strain of toxic overload for the lymphatic system. These include berries, nuts, seeds, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

The lymph system does not have a pump to increase circulation; it relies upon specific body movements to stimulate lymph fluids.  The best lymphatic movements are dry skin brushing, yoga, especially the twisting motions, high intensity interval training and rebounding, using a mini-trampoline.  If the body doesn’t receive sufficient movement, the lymph fluid can become sluggish and contribute to toxic waste retention.

Specific treatments can also pose a risk to maintaining a healthy lymph network. The removal of lymph nodes in cancer surgery eliminates necessary channels for balancing fluids and getting rid of waste.  This can lead to swollen tissues, which may develop into lymphedema.  The recent popularity of tattoos has raised concern for a long-term health threat. A German forensic study found a broad range of pigmented particles that had migrated to the lymph nodes.  Many cases of enlarged lymph nodes have been detected in this population as well.

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